Introduction to company

03 Change Company Name and Corporate Identity
01 Announced ‘VISION 2026 TRIPLE 1’
04 Established DongYang I&S
07 Established DongYang P&F Global Service
12 Established DongYang P&F FA
06 Certified as a Hidden Champion Candidate of The Export-Import Bank of Korea
11 Awarded President Commendation for on Venture Business award
03 Strategy and Finance Minister’s commendation for Tax payers’ day
12 Listed on KOSDAQ
11 Awarded a prize for US$20 Million export record
11 Foundation of DongYang P&F, USA
11 Awarded a prize for US$10 Million Export record
11 Selected the Promising small and medium company
11 11 Selected the Promising small and medium company
05 DongYang P&F R&D center is certified by KOITA(The Korea Industrial Technology Association)
04 Foundation of DongYang P&F, CHINA
01 Construction of DongYang P&F Factory
01 Established DongYang Plastic & Solution
06 Certified as a INNO-BIZ Company
03 Achieved ISO 9001 Certification
12 Certified as a New-Technology Company
07 Incorporation of going business
01 Foundation of DONGYANG Pneumatic & Feeding System


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